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Hello, my name is Octav Dragan. I am a Romanian photographer based in Paris for 6 years, with a vast catalog of photos both about the city (Paris, Bucharest) and about its inhabitants. My photos are regularly distributed on pages and groups dedicated to the beauty of Paris (En flânant dans PARIS, DOISNEAU or Ce Paris Disparu, PARIS de mes Amours, Urban Street Photography...), with thousands of likes and comments.

You can find me on Facebook here:

My page has 38,000 subscribers.

This is my photo site! It's not complete yet, but as time goes by I'll post whenever I have something nice and interesting! The purchase process is simple. You choose one or more photos that you like, and the aspects of the media you will print on are up to you. Details regarding the maximum recommended print sizes can be found on each photo's page. This time you don't have to search my Facebook page. You have here everything I felt was interesting. There are 3 chapters: Nature, City and Black & White. In each of them you will find selections of my work. You can pay online by credit card via PayPal or offline as bank transfer or Revolut trasnfer.

IMPORTANT! The photos on this site may be used for personal use only. The works cannot be resold after purchase.

Why do I sell the photos for only 9€?

  1. I have chosen this method so that my work can reach as many homes as possible and as many people as possible can enjoy it.
  2. I dream of being able to organise a fairytale exhibition. A landmark exhibition!

With great respect,